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Visual Arts


I'm a painter, printmaker, photographer, collage-maker. Most of my work is abstract. I've had wonderful teachers, in Montreal, where I began to paint seriously, twenty years ago, and in Victoria, where I've continued. I've exhibited in group and solo shows, and my work is in private collections in Canada, the United States, Europe and Israel. Here is a gallery of some of my works. Scroll along the arrows, and click on the thumbnail to see the full image.

The Binding
Sabina & Basia; monoprint
fuchsia basin mono print
Backwards Blessings
hand series print
Mixed Media Tracks
Indigo Basin; monotype
Gitskan Chief
Unravelling for Reb Louis
winter abstract
Honeybee/Post; gum bichromate print
The Bathers; gum bichromate print
Hands & Faces
after Tel Aviv
vertical wave series
Heather's tryptic; acrylic on paper
Creation Combine Painting
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